Saturday, December 8, 2007

Celebration Crossing Event

On Sunday November 25, we headed downtown to the Indiana State Museum for their Celebration Crossing Event. Live caroling filled the grand hall, and the decorations were delightful. It was a fun time filled with memorable moments with Santa and even a train ride with Daddy. As you can see, Marilyn was a little fussy yet all was made better with her passy.





All tuckered out...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Marilyn's First Surgery

On Tuesday morning, Marilyn underwent a Trabeculotomy on her left eye at Riley Hospital. A Trabeculotomy is a surgical procedure where a piece of tissue in the eye's drainage angle is removed to create an opening. This new opening allows fluid to drain out of the eye. This in turn will allow for a release and decrease in pressure on her Optic Nerve.

She did very well during the procedure, and we were able to leave Riley late Tuesday afternoon and return home. We were then back at Riley on Wednesday for her first of many follow-ups and the removal of her patch. The doctors indicate all is looking well and are hopeful the healing will be quick.

She currently has blood across her eye giving it a black look and has blood across the whites as well. The doctors stated this will dissipate over the next week. Our poor little one has been experiencing quite a bit of discomfort, but we are hopeful she will return to being our smiley, happy Marilyn soon enough.

We return to Riley for this procedure on her right eye next Thursday. During each of these procedures, they are only able to open about 1/3 of the canal. The next course of action will vary depending on how well her pressures react to these first two surgeries. She could possibly have to undergo as many as three total surgeries per eye, as well as monthly surgical examinations to check her progress and pressures.

We pray for her quick recovery and her return to smiles and giggles. We can only hope she will be in better spirits in time to welcome Santa. We feel so very blessed to be in the hands of such wonderful surgeons and professionals at Riley and to have the continued support of our family and friends.

Thank you for your love and encouragement, and please continue to keep us in your prayers.

A New Brenton Tradition

During our childhood and adolescence, Kate and I would spend Thanksgiving night at Grandma and Grandpa Brenton's house and spend the Friday after Thanksgiving assisting in the annual tradition of decorating their home for Christmas and having special time with our Grandparents. This treasured tradition was one I particularly enjoyed as I have a distinct love of the Christmas season and can hardly wait to sing Christmas carols and enjoy the lights of the tree.

This year, we started a new traditon of gathering at Mom & Dad's house on Friday to assist in their holiday decorating. With all seven of us gathered together, we trimmed the tree and decorated their house to the tune of many treasured classics. We even managed a wonderful family photo.

Marilyn enjoying the "real" Santa... at least as far as she's concerned!

First Thanksgiving

We spent Marilyn's first Thanksgiving surrounded by Brentons. We went to Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpapa's Brenton's house in Indy and enjoyed a fun day filled with family and yummy food. Marilyn was certainly spoiled with attention and spent nearly every minute being cuddled. Uncle Brett does such a good job of documenting our family gatherings. It nearly makes up for me not even remembering to get out the camera. Next year, I am sure she will enjoy her own Thanksgiving meal complete with her own big girl seat at the table.

Chilling with Grandpa

Disco dancing with Grandma

With my many fans...
Great-Aunt Ronna, Great-Uncle Greg, Great-Grandma Brenton