Sunday, October 31, 2010

Zoo Boo 2010

We shared a beautiful Saturday evening at Zoo Boo with Grandma & Grandpa. It was so much fun seeing all the kids dressed up. For this evening, Marilyn chose to be a pink dancer of some sort. She has been fickle with her costume choice and has been saying she wanted to be a purple witch. So when it came time to get dressed, she wanted nothing to do with the witch costume and chose her pink dress-up outfit. I think the cute pink shoes and glasses were a nice touch. The flower bracelet, necklace and baby doll complete the look. I figure we pick our battles and she was happy so it all worked.

We are delighted that she is now wearing a contact in her left eye and can actually wear fun glasses like the other kids. It was also great letting her bounce her heart out in the bounce house and not worrying about her glasses. Yeah for the little things!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Senior Night

My wonderful cousin Joshua is a high school senior. He has grown and matured into a wonderful young man, and I am certain there are big things in his future. Two weeks ago, Center Grove had their Senior Night festivities during the football game. Poor Marilyn was not feeling well, but we bundled up and made our way there to support Joshua and his wonderful parents as they walked the track with the other Senior band members. My darling Godmother, Aunt Ronna has been tearing up for a year in preparation of these milestones for her first born and now as a hormonal pregnant mother, I feel I better understand her emotions. We were so happy to share in this special night and look forward to other special nights this year.

Brown County

On a beautiful Saturday in early October we took the beautiful drive to Brown County State Park and Nashville, IN. The leaves were beautiful and the weather was perfect. It was a bit warmer, but it made for a wonderful day exploring the park and shops of Nashville.

Marilyn was thrilled to ride the pony. She brought her little Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) along for the trip and told her all about the fun they would have on the pony ride. As you can see, she was sure to give her a good lookout point atop the pony.

Being back at the Brown County stables reminded me of the yearly camping trips Kate and I made there with our Brenton Grandparents. We always had such a wonderful time camping and were treated to a trail ride with Grandpa & Grandma. Those will always remain one of my treasured memories, and I was happy to bring Marilyn to someplace I remember so fondly.

Marilyn and her wonderful Daddy

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

We visited the Anderson Orchard Pumpkin Patch weeks ago but have been so slow about posting pictures. Yikes! Let's hope that the first trimester weariness is behind us now and we can stay up to date on sharing these great times.
We had the perfect conditions for a delightful day: mild weather, bright blue skies and an excited three year old. We had some delicious apple cider, carmel apples and treats.

In search of the perfect pumpkin

The pumpkin patch has little pumpkin tickets that you redeem when you pick out your pumpkin. Well, Marilyn thought it was a picture of the EXACT pumpkin we were supposed to find. The pictured pumpkin has eyes, a nose, mouth and a little curly tuft on top. She searched diligently through the field, scrunching down and examining all the pumpkins to find the one with a face. We ultimately convinced her that the we just needed to pick one, and we would make our own face on it.

We had a great day at the pumpkin patch, as it is always one of my favorite Fall outings.