Sunday, January 20, 2008

Awwwww.... So Cute!

Even though the temps outside are below zero, Marilyn and I decided a quick trip to the beach sounded, oh so nice. Isn't she adorable!!! We can hardly wait for our first family vacation.
Only 5 more weeks!

You would never know by her beautiful smile that she has been in and out of Riley for the last 9 weeks. Our sweet little princess.

Cereal Time

I can hardly believe Marilyn is now 4 months old! She is becoming such a big girl and is now enjoying cereal time. Although, I am not sure if more of it gets on her face or in her mouth.

Marilyn passed out after her cereal feeding.

She was so full and tired that she fell fast asleep on Daddy's lap.

Visiting with Aunt Lizzie & Colin

We were so lucky to have Aunt Lizzie and Colin stay with us for a few days over their holiday break. Lizzie is in Grad School in Boston, so a visit is not as convenient as we would like. It was so much fun to have extra, eager hands to cuddle and spoil Mariyn and of course to have some quality family time as well.

Finally, just look at those cute cheeks!
Spud & Marilyn love the floor gym.
Our little tag team seem to be inseparable.

Christmas Eve

Santa's little Reindeer, ready for her First Brenton Christmas!

Christmas in Nashville

Early in the holiday season, we traveled down to Nashville to celebrate the holidays. I can't believe it has taken me nearly two months to update the blog. Life is surely keeping us busy.

Great-Grandma Day Day & Marilyn

Hunter received a copy of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to read to Marilyn this year on Christmas Eve. This has been a treasured Smith family tradition that we are happy to continue.

Grandpa Robert and Marilyn in matching hats!

Marilyn was very happy to meet her Uncle Chris

Granmommie Jane and Grandaddy Don-
enjoying some cuddle time with Miss Marilyn