Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Smiling in Patagonia!

Aunt Kate and Uncle Brett made a surprise visit back to Indy this past weekend. After visiting the Patagonia store in Chicago, they had a new dress for Marilyn. Since they were still so close, they came back by. Now they have departed again and are traveling Route 66.

Marilyn being pulled in her car by her sled dog Bolivar.
Grandpa sure does teach her some interesting tricks.

Here is Bolivar pulling Marilyn...
too funny to see in person!

Miss Marilyn enjoying a good book.

Lounging in her Patagonia Pj's.

Our big girl, such a cutie.
Of course, I am not the least bit biased.

Easter Egg Hunt with the Brenton Family

Easter Sunday involved a fun Easter Egg hunt and lunch at Great-Grandpa & Grandma Brenton's House. Marilyn found her share of eggs along with my cousins Joshua and Joel.

Such a cutie!

What a beautiful bright sunny Easter!
A good time was surely had by all.

Friday, April 17, 2009

And They're Off

Brett and Kate departed on Wednesday for their much anticipated road trip across the US. I borrowed this picture from Kate's post earlier today. They seem happy and free, roaming the countryside and enjoying the little things. While we miss them, we wish them the best! Feel free to follow their journey on their blog at (also linked on our site).

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Marilyn and Grandpa feeding the fish and quacks

Happy 53rd Birthday Dad!!!

Grandma & Marilyn

Marilyn talking on the phone... one of her favorite pastimes. All captured so beautifully by Uncle Brett.

Egg Hunt @ Grandpa & Grandma's House

On Saturday afternoon, Grandma and Grandpa prepared an egg hunt for little Miss Marilyn, and she loved it!

Mommy & Marilyn

Grandma & Marilyn

She loves the ones that make noise; it was hard to get her to put them in her basket.

Marilyn taunting Bolivar with Goldfish crackers

Daddy and Marilyn!

Checking out her loot with Grandpa and Bolivar

A Family Weekend!

Since this was Kate & Brett's last weekend in Indy, they indulged me by spending the whole weekend with Marilyn and me. They even spent both nights in our guest room! As you can imagine, Marilyn was exhausted from all the fun- but a great kind of exhausted. I love this picture that Brett took of us at the Children's Museum: Mom with her gals!

Thanks Kate & Brett for a wonderful weekend
of fun & great memories.

Children's Museum

On Saturday, Aunt Kate, Uncle Brett, Grandma, Marilyn and I all headed to the Children's Museum. (In case you haven't noticed, we go there quite a bit!) Grandma had not been in years, so she had a blast exploring the exhibits and Playscape with Marilyn.

What a cute picture!

Loving the Trains!

What a fantastic, goofy Uncle Brett!

Marilyn on the slide... again!

Making dinner in Playscape

Marilyn telling Grandma all about the colorful fishies.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Outstanding News!!!

On Tuesday, Marilyn underwent an Exam Under Anesthesia at Riley. We were overjoyed to find out that Marilyn's pressures are both NORMAL, her eye growth is uniform, and her optic nerves are healthy!!!

This was the BEST news we could have asked for... and we had been, through our numerous prayers. Thank you for the prayers- it is obvious they were heard! Please keep them coming.

Thanks to the fantastic exam, Marilyn does not need to go back to Riley until August and even then, it will be just an office visit. Compared to last year and our frequent visits and surgeries, this is great! As much as we love Riley, it is so nice to have a break and let Marilyn just be.

We will keep you posted, but for now, we are just smiling and thanking God. He is so good and is plan is perfect. Yipppeeeee!!!

Countdown- Less Than ONE Week Left

We are less than one week away from Aunt Kate and Uncle Brett's departure. As happy as we are for their ability to explore the country and live their dream, we are selfishly sad that they will not be just a short drive away. I think this picture perfectly shows where Marilyn fits with her Uncle Brett & Aunt Kate.

Perfectly positioned right in the middle.

Visit with Granddaddy Smith

Granddaddy Robert came up this past week from Nashville for a visit. We were so happy to see him. On Monday, Hunter, Granddaddy and Marilyn headed to the Children's Museum for some special quality time. As you can see, they had a blast!

Isn't this the most precious picture, Marilyn and Granddaddy. Marilyn looks like such a big girl. It is so hard to believe she is nearly 19 months old!

Enjoying the trains

Marilyn in full knight garb (thanks to Daddy) enjoying the Lego display.

Preparing for a trip down the slide.

Thanks Granddaddy Robert for coming to visit us. We had a wonderful time with you!


Marilyn has her first best friend. His name is "balloon", and she LOVES him. Balloon was a gift from Great-Uncle Greg, and it could not have had a better reception. Marilyn carries him everywhere. He rides in the car with us, sits on the table during dinner, hangs out on the vanity during bath time. My favorite is watching her say "Hello Balloon", "Bye Bye Balloon", "Night Night Balloon". She is absolutely adorable when talking about her balloon, which she can do for hours. Thanks Great-Uncle Greg!!! Excellent Choice.

Marilyn and Balloon on the move.

Marilyn and Balloon marching around the playroom.

Balloon watching Marilyn drive her Cozy Coupe.

Spring Fun

We have been having a blast enjoying this wonderful springtime weather! Here are a few from the past few weeks- complete with big smiles.

Marilyn in the tunnel slide.

Playing at the park.

Daddy relaxing on the slide.

Marilyn and Uncle Brett chilling in the backyard.