Saturday, September 25, 2010

Marilyn the Big Sister!

Marilyn is excited to announce that she will be a BIG SISTER!!!

The Easter Bunny will be bringing more than just eggs to the Smith residence in 2011. At just over 9 weeks along, we were surprised by this exciting news. We met with the doctor on Friday, and our due date is April 29 2011. We feel so blessed and pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Aunt Kate & Uncle Brett surprised us with an adorable LL Bean bag for the newest Smith and two cute outfits and bibs. Aunt Ronna has also started another library with "Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What do You See".

When we told Marilyn she was going to be a big sister, she replied, "I am a sister- I have Zelda!" (our new cat) We decided 9 months is a long time to wait for a big surprise so we can let her realization grow over time. Once the crib takes the place of her toys in the spare room, Marilyn may start to understand that magic word of siblings... SHARE! We are so excited for this wonderful gift and look forward to April.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Marilyn's 3rd Birthday!

On Sunday September 12th, we celebrated Marilyn's 3rd Birthday! And she was beyond thrilled! She selected the Dora theme months ago and has been eagerly anticipating this special day. She squealed with delight at the Dora decorations and her cake. She checked it in the refrigerator at least a dozen times before the party and could hardly wait for her guests to arrive.

Marilyn announced when everyone arrived and was so excited to see her growing pile of presents. She did great opening her gifts and was quick to say Thank You! She definitely still prefers gift bags to wrapping paper... and heaven forbid a ribbon slow down the opening process.

So many wonderful treats that our playroom is now exploding. And the new big girl princess bike from Pappaw Don & Grandma Jane brought big smiles.
Enjoying her yummy cake

We were blessed with a house full of family.

Showing off her new Cinderella dress while playing her band instruments

Big smiles and a sleepy girl mean a successful 3rd birthday for our wonderful Marilyn Jane

Armed with dueling cameras, Kate and Brett came ready to help in any way. They arrange their globe-trotting travel itinerary around this special day, and we are so grateful they choose to spend these special moments with us. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and for all your help!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Turning Three!

Our big girl is turning three on Sunday. I cannot believe how quickly these years have gone. It seems like just yesterday we were eagerly awaiting her arrival. What a wonderful three years!
Happy Birthday Marilyn!
Thanks Brett for the wonderful picture of our sweet Marilyn!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day

We spent the Sunday of Labor Day weekend relaxing around the pond at Great-Grandpa & Grandma Brenton's house. Almost the whole Brenton family was there to enjoy the day. It was another beautiful day, and the fish were biting.

Marilyn loves to fish! She even served as Grandpa's worm helper and brought him worms to use... much more into fishing than her mother. I love these pictures Brett took and can't believe what a big girl she is becoming.

Weekend Fun

We enjoyed great weather over Labor Day weekend and took advantage by spending time outside. Here are some shots of Marilyn watering the plants and our evening of smores around the fire.

Great Times with Brett & Kate

Marilyn has had a wonderful time with Aunt Kate and Uncle Brett since they returned from their adventure. And I love having them back too... more than for just the free childcare and wonderful pictures!

As you can see, Marilyn has become quite the big kid at the playground. She thinks she can do anything and with her super long legs and tall body- she blends in with the older kids. She loves playing, climbing, sliding and just spending time with her favorite people!

Welcome Zelda!

A few weeks ago we welcomed a new addition to our furry family. Zelda comes to us from Chicago by way of Fort Wayne. She was my dear friend Jeff's cat and could no longer stay in Chicago so now we are lucky to have her. Yes, our animal count is now two dogs and two cats.

She may be the most cuddly cat I have ever seen. She is wonderfully fluffy and full of purrs. Marilyn is thrilled to have a new cat- especially one that will let her pet her and play, as our other cat is a bit more skittish.

Here are some cute pictures Brett took of Marilyn and Zelda (and Spud)

Aunt Kate is Home!

Kate came home! After what seemed like the never-ending globe trotting adventure, Aunt Kate returned to Indianapolis. Our sitter was on maternity leave and Kate graciously agreed to fly in and watch Miss. Marilyn. Brett stayed on the East Coast to reconnect with family and friends after their oversees adventure.
Marilyn was beyond thrilled to see Kate. Here we are at the airport. She was so excited she couldn't speak, and for our little chatter bug that is huge!

Kate spoiled Marilyn with lots of adventures and fun during their two weeks together. Here they are at the bouncy house, enjoying a snack and showing off Marilyn's prized Jeter shirt. Every time she puts it on, she says "Uncle Brett will really like my shirt today!" She certainly knows how to keep her Uncle Brett smiling.

Thank you so much Kate and Brett for willingly spending two weeks apart and giving us some wonderful time with Aunt Kate!

Visit with Grandaddy & Grandma

We were happy to have a visit from Grandaddy Robert & Grandma Kirk in early August. They spent time playing with Marilyn and even made it to the Children's Museum. Here are a few from their visit.

Big Smiles

We have enjoyed good times over the past few months... even just at the mall. Marilyn is at such a great age and is so much fun!

Here she is riding the school bus at the mall... her reward for being a good girl. (She does not always get the reward... hard to believe!) She was also so cute holding the hands of the mannequins in a store... thank goodness for the handiness of a camera phone.

Making silly faces in her club house.

And our beautiful daisies! They were huge this year and I just could not get over how nice they looked. Hunter even surprised me with several bouquets for the house.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Indiana State Fair

We enjoyed three fair visits this year. But the State Fair was by far the hottest. It was a sticky, HOT night when we went, as they all seemed to be in early August. Hopefully next year it will be a bit cooler, and we can enjoy it a bit more. We all rode the ferris wheel together and then watched a bit of the roller derby game. Fun!

Fun Days with Dad

Marilyn and Hunter enjoyed several days of fun trips to the Zoo and Children's Museum while our sitter was on maternity leave. Here are some shots of their fun adventures.
Which always ended the same way...
with a very sleepy bear.

Marion County Fair

We also made a trip to the Marion County Fair this year. It was a great time and Marilyn was THRILLED to ride the rides. She had an unlimited ride bracelet and had a blast. I think the Dumbo ride was her favorite.

More Fun with Grandma Jane

Here are a few more pictures of our wonderful visit with Grandma Jane!