Sunday, February 15, 2009

Playing Dress Up

Isn't she cute in her pink tutu?

Notice the resemblance?

Marilyn enjoys trying to Wii a little too.

Maybe she will grow up to be a terrific dancer like cousin Joel or maybe she will be "blessed" with her mother's rhythm.

The Zoo for Aunt Kate's Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Aunt Kate's 26th birthday with a trip to the Zoo! Since it is still a bit chilly we stayed in the aquarium area, and Marilyn LOVED it!!!

She waved to the fish and said "HI!" to the penguins, but I think her favorite was the shark exhibit with Uncle Brett. Here are just a few from the day.

What a special day to celebrate with Aunt Kate and Uncle Brett!! Thanks for the fun (and pictures!)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Keeping Busy!

Marilyn has been keeping busy. For the past few weeks she has had the opportunity to spend at least one day a week with Aunt Kate! She gets so excited when I drop her off that she does her happy dance. This involves her bouncing up and down repeatedly with a little squeal. It is so cute and is made complete when she finds Uncle Brett and does it for him too.

As you can see, Marilyn LOVES to sit and read!

Reading with Grandpa

Look closely, isn't this such a cute picture... Marilyn and Bolivar are both so excited to have found Uncle Brett! Marilyn and I are both so happy Aunt Kate & Uncle Brett are still here to play with us!!