Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fun in the Yard!

Last Friday, we had Uncle Brett & Aunt Kate over for a campfire and smores. The weather was perfect, and Marilyn had a blast wearing her bucket hat and playing in the balls!

(sucking up to Uncle Brett with his beloved Yankees cap)

Crawling around the yard with Spud... such a big girl!

The Children's Museum

I can thank my Aunt Ronna for my love of the Children's Museum. Kate and I grew up frequenting the museum with her when her boys were old enough to journey into Playscape and beyond. So when we took Marilyn on her first adventure into the wonderful world of Playscape and wild imagination, it was Aunt Ronna and her encouragement of our own imaginations that came to mind. (THANKS!)

No one can make Marilyn laugh and giggle quite like her Daddy. We were so happy to celebrate Hunter's first Father's Day with many special activities, sure to become Smith family traditions.

Busy Busy buzzing around the Zoo

Marilyn has been very busy being a curious 9 month old over the past few weeks, and we have been eagerly indulging it.

My sister Kate and I made good use of their family membership and once again took Marilyn to the zoo... and she loves it even more! As she is growing, so is her fascination with the interesting animals, gardens and even people at the zoo.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Getting so Big!

Marilyn spent Saturday with Uncle Brett & Aunt Kate, which of course means great pics for me! They even walked to the park in Greenwood for some fun time in the swing. What a lucky little lady! Can you believe how big she is getting? Crawling and moving all around- goodness, hard to believe she is 8.5 months old! I love the smiles when she is on the swings! Aren't her prescription sunglasses too cute?

How silly?!? What kind of silly Mom sends props? Me!

Memorial Day Weekend in Nashville

Last weekend, we traveled to Nashville for a wonderful visit with Hunter's family. Marilyn did so well in the car and had a blast! We had such a great time and can hardly believe how much she has changed since our last trip.

She was so thrilled to show off her new crawling talent. What a hoot!

Soaking up every kiss from Grandma Jane

Playing with Great-Day Day and her new Ostrich friend

Hanging out with Grandaddy Robert and Grandma Kirk