Saturday, May 29, 2010

Joel's Birthday Party

We gathered for Joel's 15th birthday party two weeks ago. It was a fun evening, and I can't believe Joel is 15 already!

Marilyn was thrilled to see "all of her friends." She is very clear that all of her friends cannot be there since Kate and Brett are still living abroad. Marilyn is quick to tell you she will see them in September at her birthday party. She was very excited to see Joel (and Joshua) but Joel ranks number one right now. We are so happy to have him as Marilyn's local hero as it makes her time without Aunt Kate easier to deal with.

She CONSTANTLY asks if she can see Joel, then comes the full family litany... Joshua, Ronna, Jim, Greg, Mark, Great-Grandma, Great-Grandpa, Mammaw, Pappaw. She always asks if Kate and Brett will be there too- just to test me. If I do not listen carefully and say yes, she will become VERY excited and I will have to backpedal.

Joshua spoiled Marilyn during the party and let her play his drums. She still tells me that Joshua is so nice and let her play. It was fun to see but not something we need to hear everyday... at least not yet. (Yes, Uncle Greg- that means you!)

Our little Rock Star!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Around Town

After returning from Nashville, we took some time to just relax and enjoy some family time. We went downtown for lunch and a stroll along the canal. Here we cheesed outside the Indiana State Museum. It was a beautiful day and was rounded out with a trip to the zoo- Marilyn's favorite.

What a hoot! Whenever Marilyn wants to play outside she puts on this purple sequin dress like a necklace, then she piles on the necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Here is Marilyn watching Dora in her new big girl glasses. I can't believe how much older she looks! (she was way too into it to smile for me)

Marilyn also had her follow up exam on May 6 at Riley. Her pressures were great! Her optic nerves are healthy and her eyes are great! It was wonderful news. The only rough part was that her eye was scratched by one of the instruments during the exam, and she was in incredible pain for the rest of the day. Thankfully she was able to sleep, but when she was awake, she just cuddled and cried. It was soooo sad. I hate it when she is in pain, especially pain we can't fix. After a good night's sleep, she was feeling better and ready to play. And we are thanking God for more answered prayers! Yeah!!

Nashville Visit

We recently took a trip to Nashville for some family time. It just happened to be the weekend of the monumental flood. And what a weekend to be there! We were going to spend the weekend doing touristy things and visiting family. Instead we spent the majority of the time glued to the news and weather channel.

We did venture out on Saturday to Cool Springs mall... and we almost couldn't make it back to the house because of the flood waters. Here is Marilyn and Grandma Jane enjoying the mall carousel. It was great to see Grandma Jane & Pappaw Don for the weekend.

Once the rains stopped on Monday, we were able to make it to Hunter's Grandmother's house. It was so nice to see Day Day, and Marilyn was thrilled to see her. Hunter's brother Christopher was also able to make it by for a visit too. Then after hours of travel, Robert & Kirk also made it in for lunch. It was so nice to get to see them, even if just for a short time.

Here are some pictures from the Nashville flood. Opryland is pictured as well. This was where we were married... how very sad to see.


For those who know Marilyn's favorite Uncle Brett... you know he is a huge Yankee fan! One of Marilyn's Christmas gift was this adorable Jeter shirt. She wears it with pride and yells a "Go Yankees!" Here she is with her first T-Ball set. It is so hard to believe she is 2 1/2 and on her way to becoming such a big girl!


We enjoyed a beautiful Easter this year. The weather was just perfect for multiple egg hunts and family time. There was no surprise that Marilyn was spoiled with overflowing Easter baskets. We celebrated at our house, then Mom & Dad's, then the Brenton Easter and then with the Mennel family. What a wonderful day of family fun and reflection.

Easter Egg Hunt with Pappaw

Exploring our new treasures

Marilyn is very spoiled... I suppose that is what happens when you are the only grandchild and the only great-grandchild. She received this super fun John Deere Gator from my parents. What a perfect day to take it for a spin. Although a little testy at first by the end of the day, Marilyn had perfected the driving and most importantly- stopping!

Just a few of our family.

Catching Up

Sorry for the hiatus... here is a look back at the past few months.

A fun trip to the Bob the Builder Exhibit at the Children's Museum.

Going on a walk- enjoying the beautiful weather!