Saturday, May 29, 2010

Joel's Birthday Party

We gathered for Joel's 15th birthday party two weeks ago. It was a fun evening, and I can't believe Joel is 15 already!

Marilyn was thrilled to see "all of her friends." She is very clear that all of her friends cannot be there since Kate and Brett are still living abroad. Marilyn is quick to tell you she will see them in September at her birthday party. She was very excited to see Joel (and Joshua) but Joel ranks number one right now. We are so happy to have him as Marilyn's local hero as it makes her time without Aunt Kate easier to deal with.

She CONSTANTLY asks if she can see Joel, then comes the full family litany... Joshua, Ronna, Jim, Greg, Mark, Great-Grandma, Great-Grandpa, Mammaw, Pappaw. She always asks if Kate and Brett will be there too- just to test me. If I do not listen carefully and say yes, she will become VERY excited and I will have to backpedal.

Joshua spoiled Marilyn during the party and let her play his drums. She still tells me that Joshua is so nice and let her play. It was fun to see but not something we need to hear everyday... at least not yet. (Yes, Uncle Greg- that means you!)

Our little Rock Star!

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Brett said...

She looks like a natural sitting behind those drums. Would you like some ear plugs for Christmas?