Monday, November 1, 2010


So on Halloween, Marilyn decided it was ok to be a purple witch... as you can see, there is no purple. She is so funny about what she will and will not wear... and once again, this is a small battle, so I smile and move on. She was adorable as a witch!

She wore her outfit for the afternoon and went on an adventure with Grandpa. She arrived home hyped on sugar and equipped with a flashlight for trick or treating. We are so thankful for these wonderful times, they mean so much!

As the time for trick-or-treating approached, she claimed to be too tired to go out. We bribed her with candy and she complied in putting her costume back on. It was a chilly, breezy evening, so we hit a few houses and headed home to help Daddy hand out candy. This thrilled her. She changed into her princess nightgown and announced trick-or-treaters the rest of the evening.

My favorite part was when she would say trick-or-treat to the kids at the door, and they would get confused about what they were supposed to say to her. She was so excited to give them candy... she was much more generous with the candy distribution than I am, especially with the good candy, so that had to be corralled, but she did a great job!

The dogs begrudgingly dressed as ladybugs again. I think it's so cute and it cracks me up as they try to help each other take off the outfits... hehe.