Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Birthday Party!

Marilyn celebrated her first birthday with a party last Saturday. She enjoyed opening her presents, playing with her new toys and eating a ladybug cupcake with icing. The poor itty bitty had so much fun that she fell asleep in her dolphin swing... too cute!

Marilyn in her big girl chair in her fancy party dress with her special puppy from Grandpa Don

Clapping and walking... such a big girl!!

Enjoying her lawn mower from Great Uncle Greg... with both of her Great-Grandpa's ready to assist

Marilyn's most unique gift, a stuffed opossum and book from Grandma Jane Skelton

Cake and icing everywhere!!

the Birthday Girl was all partied out...

For Uncle Brett's Birthday Slideshow Click Here:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Turning One!

Wow, we are nearly 24 hours from Marilyn's first birthday!!! I can hardly believe it has been a year since we were preparing to meet our daughter. And wow, what a year! We are so blessed in so many ways and feel God truly had a plan in the arrival of our little girl.

From just under 6lbs when we left the hospital, she has grown and developed into an amazing toddler. At around 22 lbs and nearly 32 inches long, Marilyn is a bustle of activity. In just the last week, she has honed her walking skills and is now on the go constantly. I smile just thinking of her little quirks and her constant chattiness. (no idea where she got that!)

Here is our little princess preparing for her first birthday!

The playground with Grandpa!

Marilyn and Grandpa spent some time together last Friday evening at the playground. What a joy to see the love between them. It's amazing how a Granddaughter can remind a grown man how to be a kid again.

I know from experience how much fun Grandpas can be!

One of my Favorites

Uncle Brett captures Marilyn's personality in such magical ways. This is one of my favorites from this summer and a day at the pool. Unfortunately, Brett will have to teach me his craft, as he and Aunt Kate are headed far far away. More than missing the company of my sister and brother-in-law, I will also miss their photographic talent that I have unfortunately taken for granted. I have grown so accustomed to their ever present camera, I usually leave mine at home. Yikes! I need to start soon, as their departure is closing in.

Catching Up- Recent Surgery

Last Tuesday, September 2nd, Marilyn underwent a sixth surgery on her left eye. Her pressure was unfortunately still too high, so the doctors decided to perform a laser procedure on the membranes behind her cornea. The goal is to eliminate the excess fluid production and therefore enable the ducts to drain more efficiently, which will keep the pressure off her optic nerves. The procedure lasted about an hour and a half, and she was able to return home after her time in recovery.

Thankfully her body is maturing and she is becoming accustomed to the anesthesia, so she is recuperating more quickly with each procedure. She had her patch removed last week and returned today for her follow-up. Other than adjusting her drops, the doctors must wait to assess the pressures until they return to the operating room.

Marilyn is scheduled to return to Riley for another exam under anesthesia and possible surgery on October 14th. We pray her left eye pressure will have dropped, and it will just be an assessment. If surgery is required, they will decide if another laser procedure is an option or if a shunt should be inserted into the drainage canal. They are hoping to wait on the implant until all other options fail.

The silver lining is that her right eye has maintained normal pressure for another month, and it continues to progress normally! Thankfully it only took one surgery to bring her right eye around. We just patiently wait and pray for her left eye to do the same.

Catching Up- A look back at August!

Wow. It has been too long since I have updated. Since the last entry, life sure has been busy! We celebrated Hunter and my Mom's birthday, as they are lucky to share the great day of August 4th. As you can see, Marilyn assisted with opening presents.

In mid-August, we traveled to Destin, Florida with Hunter's family for a relaxing week on the beach. Marilyn liked the waves, but loved eating sand. UGH! Thankfully we missed the hurricanes!

After returning from Florida, Marilyn received a much needed first haircut. Her long bangs were interfering with her glasses. While definitely not professional, it sure does look cute, and she has no issues with her hair being caught in her glasses.