Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Riley Update

What a wonderful day! Yesterday we went to Riley for an EUA; the first since April. While Marilyn is under anesthesia, the doctors are able to measure her optic nerve pressure, the growth of her eyes and assess the condition of her optic nerves. After what seems like an eternity (about an hour and a half) the doctor came in with an update....

Marilyn is GREAT! Her optic nerve pressures were 10 and 12- NORMAL RANGE! Her eye growth is normal, and her larger, left eye has actually decreased a bit in size. And best of all, her optic nerves are COMPLETELY healthy! There has been NO damage from the Glaucoma, and right now her eyes are looking like they have never been through trauma! Her Ahlmed valve is in perfect placement, and everything is PERFECT!

This is the VERY best news we could have received. We could not be more excited and thankful. We feel so very blessed to be part of such a large network of prayers that have now truly been answered.

Marilyn returns to Riley for an office visit in six months and until then only needs to wear her glasses. No restrictions, no drops! Keep up the prayers- they are working!!!

Daddy & Marilyn before the exam. Our poor little girl was so hungry. The OR was running behind, and she had not eaten in over 18 hours by the time they put her to sleep.

She even fell asleep for a little bit before her exam, with her Mommy and her blankies.

Holding her baby and wondering, "Is it my turn yet?"

Trying to find her foot to remove her id bracelets.

Grandma (my mom) was so cold and shivering in our room that a nurse actually brought her a warm blanket to use. Grandma is perfect at distracting Marilyn as she gets restless while we wait. She is even better at reminding me to be patient and calm while we wait for the doctors return.
After we got home, Marilyn curled up on her big girl bed with her Winnie the Pooh gang and took a rest.

Which did not last long!
She was then ready to play and her gang was on the move.
I am so thankful she handled the anesthesia well and was feeling back to normal before bedtime. I remember the terrible times she had after her initial surgeries and the long, sleepless nights she had as she fought through the pain. I can only continue to pray that those times are behind us, and she will continue to be blessed with good reports.
Thank you so much for the amazing support and continued prayers! It means the world to know we have such a strong group of support and powerful prayer network.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Marion County Fair

Marilyn LOVED the petting farm area at the Marion County Fair. We had a great time petting sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, pigs and a pony.

She has been working on perfecting her animal sounds and is very excited for her upcoming 2nd Birthday Barnyard Bash.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grandpa & Grandma's House

Marilyn loves her time at Grandpa & Grandma's house. She wakes up every morning and asks, "Pappaw? Mammaw? Bolivar?" and I have to say, nope we are not going to Grandma and Grandpa's today. However, when we are going and I tell her she gets VERY excited and tells me, "GO, GO, NOW!" She gets my bag and shoes and heads to the door. She gets even more excited (if possible) because right now Kate and Brett are staying there.

Thanks Brett for such great pictures!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bounce House

Great-Uncle Jim & Aunt Ronna were hosting a party complete with bounce house! They invited us over before it started to let Marilyn bounce her heart out. She even got to jump with Aunt Kate and Uncle Brett!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nashville Visit

Recently we traveled to Nashville for a visit with Hunter's family. It was wonderful- relaxing and fun!

Hunter played on this train when he was little!
We had the opportunity to visit Hunter's Aunt Rachel and her horse, Buddy and donkey, Honk! Marilyn loves "Neighs" and was very intrigued with the chance to see one up close. She was a bit intimidated with their size but continues to talk about them.

We were also able to visit with Hunter's Step-Brother Josh and his family, wife Stephanie and their daughter Emma. Marilyn did pretty well with a little friend and was eager to share her toys and books.

Pappaw Don and Grandmommie Jane filled our visit with loads of fun and great times. Here we are after our picnic lunch, playing at the park.

Marilyn has the best time with them. It is so wonderful to see Grandparents in action- they make her the center of their universe and spoil her rotten!

Marilyn had a blast blowing bubbles with Pappaw. They played for hours and Pappaw indulged her "more" over and over. He even taught her how to blow her own.

Marilyn found this Barbie car in the garage and decided to take it for a ride... too cute!

We had a fantastic time in Tennessee and are already looking forward our next trip.