Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nashville Visit

Recently we traveled to Nashville for a visit with Hunter's family. It was wonderful- relaxing and fun!

Hunter played on this train when he was little!
We had the opportunity to visit Hunter's Aunt Rachel and her horse, Buddy and donkey, Honk! Marilyn loves "Neighs" and was very intrigued with the chance to see one up close. She was a bit intimidated with their size but continues to talk about them.

We were also able to visit with Hunter's Step-Brother Josh and his family, wife Stephanie and their daughter Emma. Marilyn did pretty well with a little friend and was eager to share her toys and books.

Pappaw Don and Grandmommie Jane filled our visit with loads of fun and great times. Here we are after our picnic lunch, playing at the park.

Marilyn has the best time with them. It is so wonderful to see Grandparents in action- they make her the center of their universe and spoil her rotten!

Marilyn had a blast blowing bubbles with Pappaw. They played for hours and Pappaw indulged her "more" over and over. He even taught her how to blow her own.

Marilyn found this Barbie car in the garage and decided to take it for a ride... too cute!

We had a fantastic time in Tennessee and are already looking forward our next trip.


Ada said...

These pictures pull on my heart-strings and make me sad that I live so far away. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great visit! I love the one of Marilyn in the barbie car!!

aunt deb

Anonymous said...

Aunt Ronna says that Marilyn is such a cutie and that the pictures are wonderful!

Liz said...

Wow...looks like you had a ton of fun! cute pictures!

Kate Godfrey said...

Hopefully she will not be as much of a Barbie dictator as her mother was!