Saturday, July 18, 2009


On Thursday, Kate, Marilyn and I traveled to Merom, IN for a walk down memory lane. Kate and I attended church camp at Merom for many, many years, and the camp we attended was in session this week. I thought it would be fun to introduce Marilyn to Merom as I am sure she will love it as much as I do. Having met my dearest friends at camp nearly 15 years ago, it holds a very special place in my heart.

Marilyn at the Merom entrance sign

Mommy and Marilyn with College Hall in the background

Marilyn, our future camper

Aunt Kate chasing Marilyn down the drive.

Marilyn exhausted after the fun

On our way back through Terre Haute, we spotted a familiar symbol, the RE/MAX Balloon. Kate took this great picture from the car as we traveled through town. Too bad Marilyn was snoozing- she loves the RE/MAX Balloon. She calls it "Pappaw's Balloon" and gets excited when she sees it. It is too cute!

Fun in the Tent

Aunt Kate and Uncle Brett made their way back to Indy this week. Marilyn was beyond overjoyed to see them. I just cannot get over how much she loves her Aunt Kate and Uncle Brett. Just hearing their names gets her excited, so you can imagine how thrilled she was to see them in person. She even got to play in their tent. Here is a cute one Brett snapped of Kate and Marilyn in the tent.

Fourth of July!

We went with Pappaw and Grandma to see the downtown fireworks on July 5th. The rain had delayed the festivities a day. Thankfully it did because Hunter was off and able to come too! Marilyn enjoyed the fireworks but was even more excited by the train and planes we saw during the fireworks. She does love the various modes of transportation.

Marilyn watching the fireworks and clapping!

Daddy and Marilyn

Mommy and Marilyn

Marilyn perched on her Pappaw enjoying the blasts.

Voyage to Egypt

Hunter, Marilyn and I headed on a voyage to Egypt thanks to the Children's Museum. Marilyn loved the plane ride and looking out the window. If only real plane rides were this enjoyable.

Petting the stuffed Donkey

Riding the Carousel- on a neigh

We love making good use of our family memberships!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Zoo!

A few weeks ago, we took advantage of beautiful weather and headed to the zoo. Marilyn loves birds, geese, ducks- pretty much all water animals, so she was delighted to see the flamingos. Yet another bird to search for in our various ponds.

Waving to the quacks.

Petting the donkey!

Enjoying the beautiful butterfly garden.