Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring is Here!

Finally after months of cold temperatures and snow, Spring is here! Marilyn has been battling a cold and cough for about ten days now and is going stir crazy from being kept inside. So today, the sun was shining and the temps were warmer so we broke out of the house and went to the zoo.
And of course we took baby. Baby is Marilyn's best friend. They do EVERYTHING together, so it was no surprise that she needed to join us at the zoo. The surprise was the way Marilyn interacted with her.

Yes, she is riding on Marilyn's shoulders. All around the Plains and through the zoo, Marilyn carried her on her shoulders. Marilyn showed her the elephants and yelled, "HELLO ELEPHANTS". Then asked if she would like to return to the park. Of course baby was game, so Marilyn told her they would be there soon. I am amazed at the detailed conversations (albeit one sided) that Marilyn carries on with baby.... for hours!

All her idea and such a hoot!

Baby did enjoy a few times down the slide, but then she was positioned on the bench next to Hunter and I so we could all watch. I love her determination as she swings above the slide!
Yeah for warmer weather! Welcome Spring!

Dora Time

Marilyn LOVES Dora!
I do not even think this phrase truly captures her devotion to Dora. She would prefer to watch Dora over anything! Today when prompted with the decision, Dora or Zoo? She said, "Dora First". That certainly shows what a big part of our lives Dora has become.
Watching Dora is a family affair... meaning Marilyn and "all her friends" come together to enjoy the show. This is what our living room looked like this morning for her Dora time.

She really cracks us up.