Sunday, December 20, 2009

Incredible Pizza

Two weeks ago, Hunter's Mom came up for a four day weekend and we had a blast! The first night we went to Incredible Pizza for some Incredible fun... he he!

Marilyn enjoys riding the horse very much!

And the Grandma hopped on the cow! Amazing things happen when Grandma's are around the little ones.

Gimme five Mammaw Jane!

Hunter, Grandma Jane & Marilyn... the three stooges?

What a trio!

Trying her hardest

Marilyn's favorite ride! Should could ride for hours... and has tried. How wonderful to be able to have a fun outing with Grandma Jane!

Decorating with Grandma

Mom & I welcomed Black Friday with traditional early morning shopping. Although, I was "done" with Christmas shopping... I managed to find even more super deals and had a great time with my Mom. After we were finished we headed back to Mom & Dad's house, where Marilyn and Pappaw had been playing. Then we decorated their house for Christmas.

Mom & Marilyn- Great picture!

Amazing how a Grandma turns silly when the little one is near.

Such a helper!

Decorating the tree.

Marilyn put the same little ornament on and off the tree all day.

Mommy & Marilyn- What a great day for three generations of holiday decorating! I just know Marilyn will love her times with her Grandma as much as I have loved mine. Some traditions just have to be carried on.


We celebrated Thanksgiving with a yummy Brenton meal and day full of family. Here the Brenton family gathers for lunch at my Grandparent's house.

This is the Brenton family, minus Kate & Brett. A big change from my Mom's side of nearly 100.

Joshua, Aunt Ronna, Grandpa, Grandma & Joel
(my two cousins)

Marilyn playing Poker with Hunter, Grandpa, Uncle Greg & Grandma

Looks like she can hold her own... hehe.

Mommy's Birthday

I celebrated my 28th birthday on November 17 and was treated to some new shoes from my Mother-in-Law... well Marilyn thought they were great too!

Baby wearing my new Keens-- the most comfortable shoes ever!

Marilyn proudly sporting my new Columbia snow boots!

Baby taking the boots for a trial run... and her name is Baby. Marilyn refuses to call her anything else. Thanks Jane! I LOVE the new shoes!!! And the boots came in very handy on my recent trip to Chicago!

Also on my birthday, Marilyn spent the day with my cousin Matt's wife Angie and their two youngest, Cooper & Ava. They made these yummy birthday cupcakes. Marilyn was so proud of them and kept asking if she could have "one more". Thanks Angie for the sweet treat (and watching Marilyn!!)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Downtown in the Fall

In November, we enjoyed an unseasonably warm Autumn day with a stroll around Downtown. Marilyn LOVES to go Downtown. She squeals with delight as she sees the skyline and gets very excited about seeing the statues. We had a great afternoon walking around the Circle and taking in the sights.

Halloween 2009

So sorry for the delay in posting... I know it has been awhile. But I wanted to get caught up before Christmas... so here goes!

Halloween night-
Marilyn refused to wear her costume so she assisted with candy distribution in her Halloween jammies... Thanks Aunt Ronna for such adorable pj's.

Marilyn and her guard dogs watching for "the kids". She tried to leave a few times with the trick-or-treaters, but for the most part was a very good candy assistant. Next year, she will get to make the neighborhood rounds.