Sunday, December 20, 2009

Incredible Pizza

Two weeks ago, Hunter's Mom came up for a four day weekend and we had a blast! The first night we went to Incredible Pizza for some Incredible fun... he he!

Marilyn enjoys riding the horse very much!

And the Grandma hopped on the cow! Amazing things happen when Grandma's are around the little ones.

Gimme five Mammaw Jane!

Hunter, Grandma Jane & Marilyn... the three stooges?

What a trio!

Trying her hardest

Marilyn's favorite ride! Should could ride for hours... and has tried. How wonderful to be able to have a fun outing with Grandma Jane!


Ada said...

I guess riding a cow that time worked out better than when mom was a kid.

Unknown said...

Sure did! This on didn't step on me.