Thursday, December 16, 2010

They're Home!

Last Saturday was a very happy day! Uncle Brett & Aunt Kate returned from their three month adventure in Argentina, and their biggest fan was so happy! We had been counting down the days, and Marilyn was so excited to travel to the airport to pick them up.

Marilyn went as far as she was allowed to go and waited "patiently" at the red line for Aunt Kate & Uncle Brett to appear. She exclaimed to several passengers, "you are not Aunt Kate or Uncle Brett". Then she echoed down the terminal, "Uncle Brett, Aunt Kate, Where are YOU???" It was very cute and come to find out Kate and Brett actually heard her calling for them before they could see her. We are thrilled they made it home safely and are excited to share the holiday excitement with them.

Holiday Excitement!

November and December have been zooming by, and I realized have not updated the blog recently. We are doing wonderfully and are excited about the holiday festivities. Here are a few from around the house.

Marilyn is quite the little tree decorator or rather re-decorator. Every time I look at the tree the ornaments on the bottom half have been rearranged. And for the most part, they all collect on one branch. When asked about this, Marilyn explained that the ornaments need to be near their friends, so that is why she puts them all on one branch. I think it is too cute so I spread them back out and the next time I look, they have been moved again.

Marilyn loves the Christmas decorations as much as I do and has two Hallmark Ornament books that she carries around. She has also taken to creating storylines and a back story for the ornaments in the book. She is so funny that I cannot help but play along. I love the excitement she shows for all things Christmas... who knows where that came from!