Sunday, May 23, 2010


We enjoyed a beautiful Easter this year. The weather was just perfect for multiple egg hunts and family time. There was no surprise that Marilyn was spoiled with overflowing Easter baskets. We celebrated at our house, then Mom & Dad's, then the Brenton Easter and then with the Mennel family. What a wonderful day of family fun and reflection.

Easter Egg Hunt with Pappaw

Exploring our new treasures

Marilyn is very spoiled... I suppose that is what happens when you are the only grandchild and the only great-grandchild. She received this super fun John Deere Gator from my parents. What a perfect day to take it for a spin. Although a little testy at first by the end of the day, Marilyn had perfected the driving and most importantly- stopping!

Just a few of our family.

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Kate Godfrey said...

She is flipping adorable - and spoiled rotten! Lots like Easter was a great day. Marilyn seems to favor Joel quite a bit (hopefully she still likes me when I get home). Thanks for updating the blog. I was missing MJ.