Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Zoo for Aunt Kate's Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Aunt Kate's 26th birthday with a trip to the Zoo! Since it is still a bit chilly we stayed in the aquarium area, and Marilyn LOVED it!!!

She waved to the fish and said "HI!" to the penguins, but I think her favorite was the shark exhibit with Uncle Brett. Here are just a few from the day.

What a special day to celebrate with Aunt Kate and Uncle Brett!! Thanks for the fun (and pictures!)


Anonymous said...

You're welcome! We had a wonderful time as well. It's really great to see Marilyn interact with the fish and animals. Her curiosity is amazing (most of the time) and we enjoy the trips to the zoo with her.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Ronna says that Marilyn looks so grown up!!!
I think she will LOVE dancing just like Joel does!

Anonymous said...

She loved seeing the fish. The yellow fish and the striped fish were her favorites (at least it seemed that they were). Laughing at her face when she saw the penguins and her apprehension touching the sharks with Uncle Brett made the day quite memorable. Thanks for spending my birthday with me at the zoo. -Aunt Kate