Sunday, September 19, 2010

Marilyn's 3rd Birthday!

On Sunday September 12th, we celebrated Marilyn's 3rd Birthday! And she was beyond thrilled! She selected the Dora theme months ago and has been eagerly anticipating this special day. She squealed with delight at the Dora decorations and her cake. She checked it in the refrigerator at least a dozen times before the party and could hardly wait for her guests to arrive.

Marilyn announced when everyone arrived and was so excited to see her growing pile of presents. She did great opening her gifts and was quick to say Thank You! She definitely still prefers gift bags to wrapping paper... and heaven forbid a ribbon slow down the opening process.

So many wonderful treats that our playroom is now exploding. And the new big girl princess bike from Pappaw Don & Grandma Jane brought big smiles.
Enjoying her yummy cake

We were blessed with a house full of family.

Showing off her new Cinderella dress while playing her band instruments

Big smiles and a sleepy girl mean a successful 3rd birthday for our wonderful Marilyn Jane

Armed with dueling cameras, Kate and Brett came ready to help in any way. They arrange their globe-trotting travel itinerary around this special day, and we are so grateful they choose to spend these special moments with us. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and for all your help!

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Brett said...

It was a fantastic birthday party and I'm glad we could be there. Marilyn is definitely the coolest three year old, hands down.