Thursday, September 9, 2010

Welcome Zelda!

A few weeks ago we welcomed a new addition to our furry family. Zelda comes to us from Chicago by way of Fort Wayne. She was my dear friend Jeff's cat and could no longer stay in Chicago so now we are lucky to have her. Yes, our animal count is now two dogs and two cats.

She may be the most cuddly cat I have ever seen. She is wonderfully fluffy and full of purrs. Marilyn is thrilled to have a new cat- especially one that will let her pet her and play, as our other cat is a bit more skittish.

Here are some cute pictures Brett took of Marilyn and Zelda (and Spud)


Kate Godfrey said...

Hi Zelda. Hi Fat Cat. Welcome to the family. I wasn't sure that you were going to fit in since you hid for the entire first week - but your social skills are improving as is your tolerance of MJ. Welcome to the family - we are very excited you are here.

Brett said...

I don't think these photos convey the scale of Zelda appropriately. I should try and get Spud or Piper to sit next to Zelda, that would show how big she really is.