Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aunt Kate is Home!

Kate came home! After what seemed like the never-ending globe trotting adventure, Aunt Kate returned to Indianapolis. Our sitter was on maternity leave and Kate graciously agreed to fly in and watch Miss. Marilyn. Brett stayed on the East Coast to reconnect with family and friends after their oversees adventure.
Marilyn was beyond thrilled to see Kate. Here we are at the airport. She was so excited she couldn't speak, and for our little chatter bug that is huge!

Kate spoiled Marilyn with lots of adventures and fun during their two weeks together. Here they are at the bouncy house, enjoying a snack and showing off Marilyn's prized Jeter shirt. Every time she puts it on, she says "Uncle Brett will really like my shirt today!" She certainly knows how to keep her Uncle Brett smiling.

Thank you so much Kate and Brett for willingly spending two weeks apart and giving us some wonderful time with Aunt Kate!

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Kate Godfrey said...

I heard all about Marilyn's non-stop chatter... but at the airport she would not say a word. Luckily, the words came back and her chatterness returned.
I had such a fun time during our two weeks together - and our time together since. She is growing into such a big girl - very smart, curious and, of course, tall. You should be proud Sarah & Hunter, she is a real keeper.
Love you Marilyn!