Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Countdown- TWO Weeks Left

Lately, we have been preparing for Aunt Kate and Uncle Brett's departure- two weeks from today- by spending lots of time with them. Unfortunately, I think Marilyn will have a hard time adjusting to not seeing them all the time. Thankfully, she can talk to them on the phone- whenever she wants- since they will have phone service during most of their big road trip. She loves to "talk" on the phone, especially her "hi and bye".

Here is Marilyn having fun coloring in her Peeps coloring book. Peeps are one of my favorite Easter traditions.
I just love to poke them!

After a nature walk with Aunt Kate and Grandma, armed with a collection of two pine cones and a twig.


Brett said...

I hope that the Peeps book helps Marilyn learn how to color better. She doesn't necessarily need to stay within the lines... but she does need to stop putting the crayons in her mouth. Yummy crayons.

Anonymous said...

Marilyn is able to call and leave messages whenever she wants. Her calls will be returned as allowed, of course. We will miss her terribly (you and Hunter too). Thanks for letting us soak up time with the two of you before our departure.
-Aunt Kate

jamie said...

Look how stinkin' cute she is!! Also, we loved the Easter card and picture. She is getting so big. Let us know when you want to get together....I am off like every Monday, wednesday and friday.