Thursday, April 9, 2009

Outstanding News!!!

On Tuesday, Marilyn underwent an Exam Under Anesthesia at Riley. We were overjoyed to find out that Marilyn's pressures are both NORMAL, her eye growth is uniform, and her optic nerves are healthy!!!

This was the BEST news we could have asked for... and we had been, through our numerous prayers. Thank you for the prayers- it is obvious they were heard! Please keep them coming.

Thanks to the fantastic exam, Marilyn does not need to go back to Riley until August and even then, it will be just an office visit. Compared to last year and our frequent visits and surgeries, this is great! As much as we love Riley, it is so nice to have a break and let Marilyn just be.

We will keep you posted, but for now, we are just smiling and thanking God. He is so good and is plan is perfect. Yipppeeeee!!!


Anonymous said...

Great News!! Glad to hear she is doing so wonderful.

Aunt Deb

Jenni Quesenberry said...

That is awesome news! Hooray!!!! XOXO