Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Children's Museum- Lego Exhibit

Last Saturday, Marilyn and I visited the Children's Museum with Aunt Kate and Uncle Brett. There is a fun Lego exhibit that she really enjoys. This was her second time to visit, and each time she has gotten more into the fun of Legos.

Such a big girl with pigtails and a cute little belly!

Aren't the costumes fun? Aunt Kate the Dragon!

Only Marilyn can find the one quiet place to sit and read amidst the chaos of kids playing everywhere, our little bookworm.

Going down the slide.

Marilyn loves the bunnies... just a few weeks until Easter.


Ada said...

Oh my gosh, Marilyn is so cute!!! Those little pigtails and little belly that I can just imagine as being soft, squishy, and ticklish. Thank you for posting these pictures!

Brett said...

We had entirely too much fun at the Children's Museum. I'm thinking we should go back to see the Star Wars exhibit. Marilyn would definitely enjoy that. Also, you need to work on teaching Marilyn that there are completely valid exceptions to rules - for example, the going down the slide on your butt instead of your stomach (ouch) rule.

Anonymous said...

The museum is always so much fun. I can't believe that she tore down my tower - but at least she had a good time. Loved her pigtails!
-Aunt Kate