Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome Spring!

Marilyn would like to announce that Spring is HERE!!! This is her new excited face, and she was very excited to be at the White River Garden Conservatory on Sunday with Aunt Kate, Uncle Brett and Mommy. The weather was so wonderful; we just could not stay inside!

Running and spinning in circles

Ahh, the great outdoors

Cheesing it up in her sunglasses

Loving on her favorite Aunt Kate

Special times with Uncle Brett

Marilyn is getting ready for Easter and is becoming acquainted with all the bunnies she can find, including this stone one. We hope you are loving this warm weather as much as we are.


Ada said...

I decided yesterday that when we come to visit for the marathon if it is not too cold, I would love to find something awesome to do outside with Marilyn. Maybe a playground or something. The requirement is AWESOME. It needs to be an awesome place. I will begin researching in May once the thesis is over.

Anonymous said...

We had a blast at the Conservatory! And Marilyn's excited face is precious. We'll have to go back again in a few weeks when the tulips are up.

Anonymous said...

Marilyn's wide open mouth that shows her excitement is so funny to see. I don't know that it is good for her jaw to open that wide, however. She will soon be expressing herself with words - but that face is just so precious. -Aunt Kate