Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bathtime with Dad

Last night Marilyn was not feeling well so she slept in and hung out with dad at home instead of going to the sitter. After waking up she found herself needing to take a bath. She was having so much fun she almost had to get back in.
She loves her Balls.

Things started to get a little Crazy!!!

Time to spash!!!!

Just look at all those toys...

Here she is with her cape on still holding onto that ball. Who knew bathtime was so much fun!!!


Anonymous said...

What a wild time you had! So nice to see Daddy posting on here too! It looks like you two have a blast no matter the chore.

Ada said...

I love the hair-do. I remember doing that to my hair too.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I give Marilyn a bath, she pees everywhere. Plus she doesn't like me to give her a hairdo like that. Must just be when Daddy gives her a bath that she gets to look so cute. -Aunt Kate