Saturday, October 30, 2010

Brown County

On a beautiful Saturday in early October we took the beautiful drive to Brown County State Park and Nashville, IN. The leaves were beautiful and the weather was perfect. It was a bit warmer, but it made for a wonderful day exploring the park and shops of Nashville.

Marilyn was thrilled to ride the pony. She brought her little Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) along for the trip and told her all about the fun they would have on the pony ride. As you can see, she was sure to give her a good lookout point atop the pony.

Being back at the Brown County stables reminded me of the yearly camping trips Kate and I made there with our Brenton Grandparents. We always had such a wonderful time camping and were treated to a trail ride with Grandpa & Grandma. Those will always remain one of my treasured memories, and I was happy to bring Marilyn to someplace I remember so fondly.

Marilyn and her wonderful Daddy


Brett said...

The foliage looks fantastic. I'm glad Marilyn was able to ride the pony, she looks like she enjoyed it immensely. Hope all is well in Indy.

Ada said...

This is the face of jealousy. I bet they would not let me on the ponys due to my size....sad for me.