Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Latest Eye Update

Yesterday, July 29th, Marilyn went back to Riley for an Exam Under Anesthesia (EUA). Her right eye pressure was 11- perfect! But the left eye was 26- too high!

The doctors decided to perform a repeat Trabeculotomy on the fourth quadrant of her eye. This is the same procedure they completed earlier this spring. While under the microscope, they saw that this area did not have the same success as the previous three quadrants, so they wanted to try opening the ducts further.

Marilyn is doing great. She actually kept her patch on all night. Last time, she ripped it off herself! We returned to Riley this morning for her post-op. There is some blood on her eye, but it will dissipate over the next few days. We will return next Wednesday for another post-op office visit, and she will go back into surgery for an EUA to check the pressures on September 2nd, just 10 days before her first birthday!

I wish I would have had my camera yesterday in her surgery room. She actually tried to gnaw off her ankle ID bracelets. It was quite amusing. Here is a shot of her this morning on her rocking Octopus before we headed to Riley.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. She is doing great despite the constant poking and prodding. The doctors have every reason to believe she is still treatable, so we are still optimistic! Thanks!!


Anonymous said...

I just can't believe how big she is getting. She looks so happy.

Anonymous said...

She is quite a trooper. Cute and tough!