Friday, June 26, 2009

Makes me Laugh!

This made me chuckle! I walked outside after a rain to notice Marilyn "drinking" the water that had collected on her picnic table. Normally she loves to splash in the water, but on this day she was getting creative. As any good mom would do, I just stood back and smiled.

Here is a link to a very funny video.

Last weekend while on our Mennel family camping trip, Hunter, Aunt Kate, Uncle Brett, Marilyn and I went into town for some breakfast. While in the truck I captured this very funny moment of a Christmas sing-a-long. Of course, I have no idea who could possible enjoy Christmas music this time of year (ME)! Marilyn and I like to sing and dance in the car to my favorite Christmas compilation. I figure she has to start early if she wants to have her dance moves down for Christmas. hehe

1 comment:

Kate Godfrey said...

Not overly excited about the video link - just so you know.

Glad to see that Marilyn is being resourceful.