Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Zoo!

By far our best Christmas present last year was a Zoo membership. It has been used frequently this year, and I foresee numerous trips still to come. Marilyn LOVES the Zoo. Sometimes she wakes up in the morning and asks, "Me, Marilyn, Zoo, Animals, Downtown, Now, PLEASE, Mommy..." This mantra varies but repeats itself over and over.

One day it started, and it was a day for the sitter, so I explained to Marilyn that she was going to visit her friends and play. Well, she started to cry. She kept saying, "Me, Marilyn, Animals, Downtown...." so I fibbed. I told her that all of the animals were sleeping and she would have to wait to visit them when they woke up. This worked. She said, "Ok, Animals, Night-Night, Nap."

So when Hunter and I planned a weekday excursion to the Zoo, it was great to tell Marilyn we were headed to see the animals. She excitedly asked Piper (our Dachshund) if she wanted to go see the animals. Then she asked Spud (our other Dachshund) if he wanted to go. She even tracked down our skittish cat Macy and invited her to the Zoo. I explained that she could only take one toy. She chose her new Owl, Who Who.

We had such a wonderful day at the Zoo. We both had the day off and made for a great family day. It felt like we had the whole zoo to ourselves. We even splurged and let Marilyn ride the carousel. Her sweet, "Me, Marilyn's Turn" is sometimes just too hard to resist.

Thanks Kate & Brett for the membership and the opportunity for so many wonderful memories.


Brett said...

That is entirely too cute. She's growing up so fast! Glad that you're enjoying the zoo, and that Marilyn is a fan as well.

Kate Godfrey said...

Me, Kate, Zoo, Animals, Downtown, in December, PLEASE, Sarah... I would love to go and watch the fishes with her again when we are in Indy for Xmas if we can find some time...
She is such a fun kid to watch at the zoo. Her excitement is so genuine. Glad you guys are making good use of your pass.