Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Visit to Ohio

In late October, we took a day trip to Waynesville, OH. Hunter's sister, Lizzie was running a trail marathon through the state park. Since she lives in Boston, it is a rare treat to be close enough for a visit. Pappaw Robert and Kirk also traveled up from Nashville for the weekend visit.

Pappaw Robert, Lizzie, Hunter & Marilyn
Handling the Big Girl Swing

Marilyn had a great time on the swings and slides at the state park. Although the air was brisk, she had a delightful time. I just love her cute little gloves and the coat from Hunter's Grandmother, Day Day.


Kate Godfrey said...

Looks like someone forgot to catch her at the bottom of the slide -- must have been too busy taking photos. Luckily she is a tough little one who likes getting dirty. Love the coat!

Brett said...

MJ is very cute, especially in that coat. I'm liking these pictures, please keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Ronna says that she is absolutely darling!!!