Monday, April 18, 2011

Marilyn's First Soccer Game

It was a chilly, rainy Saturday as we went out to the field for Marilyn's first soccer game. Marilyn had a great time despite barely touching the ball. After arriving home, she commented that she thought the other kids were a bit mean since they did not share the ball. Soccer appears to be in conflict with what she has been told of always share your toys and be nice. I sure do love this little one and her insight.

Hopefully a little more exposure and practice will help her understand the fundamentals a bit more. But no matter what- it was wonderful to see her excitement and team spirit. The highlight of her whole day was when the team put their hands together and yelled "Go Tigers". We have been reenacting that all week!

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Brett said...

Brrr. It was very cold, but she was a trooper, and super cute. My favorite photo is the one of Marilyn and her daddy chatting on the sideline before going back in (last collage, bottom right).