Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Mare-Bear!

A visit with Uncle Brett and Aunt Kate is made complete when the camera comes out. I love these shots of Marilyn... what a cutie! I especially love the little dress her Daddy picked out, paired with the "oh so cute" shoes from Aunt Kate. What a joy just to hold her and marvel at God's amazing creation.

What does she go by? I have been asked that question many times recently. Well, with two middle names it may seem confusing (especially since Hunter goes by his second name), but it is really quite easy. We refer to our little love bug as Marilyn.

However, feel free to join the Mare-Bear revolution!

In Hunter's family he has been known as Hunter-Bear or the Bear. In my family, I have always been known as the Sarah-Bear, so now we have a little Mare-Bear. We have been affectionately referring to her as our Bear since we found out she was on her way, and Mare-Bear just seems like the perfect fit.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that we love this blog! Marilyn is adorable and we're glad everything went well yesterday. We know too well what it is like to have your child go thru surgery!

We love you and we can't wait to meet Mare-bear!!

Josh & Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that all is well! I love the new picture of your adorable little family... soooo cute! Hope to see you soon. XOXOXO,

Ada said...

I love you guys. Just thought I should tell you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah,

I really like the web page you've set up. I'm so happy everything is going good for you in Indy. Marilyn is beautiful. Take Care! Laura