Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Easter!

Our Easter morning started off with Hunter and I eagerly waiting for our sleepy head Marilyn to wake up. At about 10 am, she decided to make her grand entrance to her first Easter celebration. Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Kate and Uncle Brett arrived shortly after for our first Easter gathering. Marilyn loves her mini-stuffed Peeps from Grandma! They are just the perfect size for her little hands. Then she prepared for her mini-photo shoot with Uncle Brett. We are so spoiled to have such great shots of her special "firsts". If it was up to my camera skills, this blog would cease to exist! (Thanks Brett & Kate!)

Here is Marilyn with her Easter basket, peeps and beanies.

(as you can tell, we love the ears!)

Here is our little Librarian (as Hunter affectionately refers to her) enjoying her books. Her Great-Aunt Ronna is a teacher and spoils her with a book every month on her birthday.

After our time at our house, we headed to GG-papa & GG-ma's house for the annual Brenton lunch. Marilyn did very well and nearly slept through the whole thing. She did wake up in time for the egg hunt, one of my favorite things!

Marilyn's first egg hunt. It was a bit chilly, but she did very well. I imagine next year will be a blast when she is running all around!

(Like I said, I like the ears!)

She has been enthralled with this dancing chicken from GG-papa & GG-ma Brenton who shakes and dances to the "Chicken Dance".

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