Monday, March 10, 2008

Marilyn's New Glasses

Last week, Marilyn got her first pair of glasses. Due to her Glaucoma, her eyesight is quite bad in her left eye. The doctors decided not to wait any longer for fear that her right eye would begin to deteriorate for its overcompensation.

Well, we picked up her new glasses last Monday and ever since, she is like a new baby. She is so engaged with her surroundings and is looking at her toys with a whole new delight. She is also following the cats around the room and gleefully acknowledging Spud's presence. Amazingly enough, she is also leaving them be. I think she must be so happy to be seeing clearly that she just lets them be.

Here are just a few pics of her glasses. I will work on getting some more posted soon.

This one is from Uncle Brett's 25th Birthday party.
Oh, so cute in her little hat with Grandma.

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Ada said...

Baby with glasses!!! She is so cute. It is amazing to hear about how she recognizes things. Only the cool kids have impaired eyes.