Saturday, January 17, 2009

Marilyn's First Big Girl Haircut!

Last weekend, we traveled to Nashville to visit Hunter's family. We had a great time and a wonderful trip. While in Nashville, Marilyn had the opportunity to have her very first big girl haircut! It was extra special because we were able to invite Grandpa Don & Grandma Jane along for the fun. We went to a place called Snip -Its, which specializes in kids haircuts. Marilyn was a bit squirmy but the stylist did an excellent job, and Marilyn ended up with a cute swing bob, extra stylish and perfect with her glasses.

The before shot... nearly a mullet.

Grandpa Don captured the event on tape for us.

Marilyn & Grandma Jane

All Done!

Uncle Chris (Hunter's brother) and soon-to-be Aunt Abbey reading with Marilyn.

You may have noticed Marilyn's new red glasses as well as her new hairdo. The red ones are a temporary pair while her pink ones are being fitted for new lenses. They are a little bit big, and I swear she looks just like one of her little people. But at least she can see!

Marilyn and Grandaddy Robert reading two of her very favorite books: Peek-a Who? and Brown Bear.

A cute new hairdo and an extra special trip to Nashville.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you took her to a professional. Her red glasses are a little big on her, but they make her look more grown up. At least she can see!

Anonymous said...

Her new haircut is quite stylish!
What a doll!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are GREAT!!!
It looks like everyone was having a good time. She is growing up to fast.