Thursday, January 8, 2009

Brenton Family Christmas

Kate & Brett have safely returned from their East Coast visit, and now that they are back... here are some of Brett's pictures from our Brenton Family Christmas. Brett told me that over the past three weeks he has taken nearly 1000 pictures. Whew, I can hardly remember to get out the camera let alone take such great shots! Thanks Brett for the pictures and for saving the day for your camera-less Sister-in-Law, AGAIN!

Grandma & Marilyn

Marilyn and her Brenton footies.
(We each get a pair at Christmas from Grandma)

Too cute!
With so many colors, they will match all her clothes!

Marilyn and her 25th Anniversary Cabbage Patch Doll. Grandpa & Grandma used to buy these same dolls for Kate & I when we were little. How special that they can now do the same for Marilyn. She already has our pre-loved babies to play with. Of course I kept both mine and Kate's for future enjoyment.

Grandpa or Santa?
At our house, they are ONE in the SAME!

Oh, Goodness, what could it be???

It's ELMO!! I have never encountered such a "real" toy. Marilyn surely enjoys Elmo's stories and interaction, but my personal favorite is when he encourages us to DANCE! Thankfully no pictures of that!

Great Grandpa-pa

Kate received some books on traveling the world...
go figure!

Great-Grandma & Marilyn

Brett looking much too excited for running shoes!

And this is my favorite present of all! For those of you who know my Uncle Greg (dad's brother), you know that he is very clever when coming up with a gift. Beyond Elmo, he thought Marilyn should have her own dog toys, since she is so keen on playing with our dog toys and every other dog toy she can find, so he found her some of her own! They are too cute, and she plays with them

However, the best part is that our dogs cannot figure out if they are toys for them or for Marilyn, and they are too afraid to play with her. She throws the toys and the squeak, which thrills the dogs, but they are too afraid they will get in trouble for chewing on her toys to play with them. (We had to perform emergency plastic surgery to a little person who lost her hand in the teeth of Spud.) I get such a kick out of watching her throw the "dog" toys to our dogs who are terrified to play with them. hahahaha, Life is funny when your little one thinks everything is a toy!

But that's what makes this life so great!


Great Aunt Ronna said...

The pictures are wonderful. She is such a cutie! The dog toy story made me LOL!

Great Aunt Ronna said...

I am just making sure I know what I am doing! :)

Anonymous said...

I put up all of the photos that I took from the Christmas Day Brenton festivities here:
It was a fun day! Watching Marilyn play with her toys and the dogs just sitting there thinking "It looks like a dog toy, it smells like a dog toy, it squeaks like a dog toy, and yet Marilyn is playing with it. This is confusing." is quite amusing.