Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning at 6:15am, I rolled over to find that Hunter was already gone! I heard a light beeping coming from downstairs, and as I made my way into the living room, I saw Hunter dressed in his robe playing Wii Golf!

We received a Wii from my parents on Christmas Eve, and Hunter was so excited to set it up and start playing that he had been unable to sleep. (and he makes fun of me!) So, as any good wife would do, I snuggled onto the couch and cheered.

Marilyn finally joined our Christmas morning festivities over 2 hours later at 8:30. By the time she woke up, Hunter and I had already unwrapped all the presents and had them situated for her by the tree, with the bows of course. As you can see, she was overwhelmed!

Christmas morning in new Santa Pjs.

What a smile! I just love this one!!

Marilyn loves to sit and read, so Santa brought her a Dora chair that is just her size.

Marilyn was not sure how to carry all three babies. Try as she might, one kept falling on the floor.
Stay tuned for pictures from the Brenton Christmas. I have to wait for Brett and Kate to get back from the East Coast to get his pictures. Of course, I did not have my camera there. I really do need to get better at this.
We had a wonderful Christmas, and I can only guess that by next year Marilyn will be ripping through the wrapping paper and bypassing the bows.


Anonymous said...

What a great smile! She is a real cutie! Is she riding her tricycle yet?

Anonymous said...

She is getting so big.
No longer our little baby.
She does LOVE her books.
Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Great Aunt Ronna thinks those Christmas jammies are sooo cute! But, not as cute as Baby Marilyn!!!