Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holly & Hal Moose

On Saturday, we headed to the mall to visit our favorite shop, Build-A-Bear. Marilyn is the proud parent of one bunny, two bears and a puppy all from Build-A-Bear. However, this is the first time she has been awake (or even around) to create one.

We chose to build the two holiday moose, Hal & Holly, and Marilyn had a blast! Here are some pictures of Marilyn's first (awake) Build-A-Bear adventure.

Here she is with the two moose carcasses before they had been stuffed.

Marilyn gave each of the moose a heart with a kiss on it. Too cute!!

She loved watching the inside fluff spin around.

Here she is getting ready to make the fluff spin with the foot pedal. The fluff is then blown into the carcass and the animal is born.

Being presented with Hal.

Here is Marilyn hugging Holly Moose.

After she was done stuffing the moose, she ran over to the shopping area and started pulling down outfits. She is sooo her mother's daughter, and of course, she wanted the holiday outfits. We think she is still a bit young for the clothes, so her animals are all naked, minus one bear in a rain coat! Yikes!! In cases you can't tell, this will definitely continue to be a fun tradition.


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness. Don't let Bolivar get ahold of those animals or the stuffing will reappear. Marilyn will hopefully not turn into the shopper that her mother is... but I suppose there are worse things for her to become.

Anonymous said...

I love the English language. Plural for 'moose' = 'moose'. Brilliant. That last picture is hysterical. Moose go naked in the wild, I'm sure they'll be just fine.

Ada said...

I am very jealous. I do not have a build-a-bear. Maybe one day Marilyn and I can build one together.