Sunday, December 14, 2008

Marilyn & Santa

While we were at the Children's Museum last week, Marilyn had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Santa. As you can see, she was quite cozy up there on his lap. I am not sure if it is the magic of "Santa" or the fact that he closely resembles Grandpa, but either way- she did GREAT!

I can only imagine what she was thinking as she sat there staring up into his eyes. I finally had to go remove her; I think she would have been content to stay all day.

Like I said, to her, Santa = Grandpa: fluffy beard, glasses, twinkle in the eye, the perfect belly for cuddling and both grant her every wish!

She kept cocking her head and giving him the once over. I imagine for a 15 month it might be a little perplexing. I hope Santa took note of her wish list.


Anonymous said...

There is a definite Grandpa/Santa resemblance, I can see why she'd be confused. What does she want for Christmas? Is there a list?

Ada said...

That is very funny. I hope she told him she wanted a pony or a new dog chew toy.

Anonymous said...

At least she didn't scream and make a scene like you did when you sat on Santa's lap as a youngster.

Anonymous said...

She is getting so big. Enjoy these moments for they pass way to fast.