Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ahoy, Matie!

Last Monday, Marilyn returned to Riley for her follow-up visit. The doctors indicated that all looks well. Their only concern is that her left eye Rx is worsening. She is now a 9.75 which is an increase of 2.5 from 7.25 last February. For those of you with glasses, you know that this is a VERY strong Rx. She is essentially blind in her left eye without her glasses. Due to this, the doctors have started a patching regiment to help strengthen her left eye muscles and decrease the right eye's dominance.

So, this means that for 2-3 hours every night, we have a little pink pirate! She is so darn cute with her patch on that I couldn't help but snap some photos. At first she resisted the patch with her the utmost stubbornness, but she is up to nearly 3.5 hours nightly now. The doctors stated that the longer she would wear it the better, so we are keeping it on all evening if she will permit.

She has successfully removed EVERY bow from the gifts under our tree.

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Anonymous said...

ARRRGHHH! She really is a little pirate! I'm glad to see that she's tolerating the patch, hopefully it'll make her eye stronger. Are you going to get her a tri-corner hat to match?