Sunday, November 30, 2008

Decorating Fun

On Friday after Thanksgiving, we headed to my parents' house to assist in the annual Christmas decorating fun. Thankfully, since Kate and Brett are staying there until they head out on their big adventure, they were able to get most of the decorating done before the littlest hands arrived to assist. Try as she might, Marilyn is not quite as helpful as she thinks.

Here are a few of her with her favorite dog bone and covered in tinsel. Yes, she plays with dog toys! Apparently, they work well for both teething babies and puppies.

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Anonymous said...

In the first picture here Marilyn and Bolivar are playing with tinsel. He's trying to eat it and she's trying to remove it from his mouth so that she can eat it. Silly kids. Glad to see the holidays are finally here so we can all appreciate your enthusiasm for them.