Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Marilyn's Eye Update

Since you must be asking... how are Marilyn's eyes? I will give an update.

Marilyn underwent surgery on October 14. At that time her pressure was still much too high in the left eye, and it had experienced significant growth since her last exam. The doctors decided it was time to get more aggressive.

They implanted an Ahmed Glaucoma Valve in her left eye which is designed to serve as a secondary drain for the excessive pressure and release the fluid into her blood vessels. The procedure took about two hours, and they came out with the highest of hopes.

Unfortunately, there are numerous complications that can be associated with an artificial valve of this nature, such as infection, dislocation or cataracts. But so far she has done very well. We returned to Riley today for her two week post-op exam, and it looks great. The blood has nearly all disipated from her eye, and she is doing very well.

The doctors have some concern that her left eye prescription is worsening. With already such a significant loss of vision, there is the concern that the eye may not be capable of seeing. Once the pressure is under control, they will begin the process of salvaging her left eye's vision. The wonderful part is that she sees great with the glasses, and she leaves them alone! Thankfully she was put in glasses at such an early age that now she knows no alternative.

As Marilyn had her one year anniversary as a Riley patient, we are still full of hope! Marilyn's right eye is still doing great! Please keep her in your prayers as we continue to regulate her left eye pressure. She returns to Riley for another EUA on November 18th.

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