Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Whew, Catching Up - The Zoo

Unfortunately, September and October both flew by without the proper blog updates, so I will now attempt to catch up. Back on September 20, we headed to the Indianapolis Zoo with Aunt Kate, Uncle Brett, Grandma & Grandpa Brenton. Marilyn's smiles were captured by both Uncle Brett and Grandpa (as Grandpa prepares to replace Uncle Brett's snapshots). Here are a few from that beautiful sunny day.

Marilyn has developed a "Grandpa call". She puts her hand over her mouth and moves it back and forth to create the fun noise. Grandpa then makes the same noise with his mouth, and they go back and forth. It was so fun to see Marilyn do her "Grandpa call" and then hear Dad echo back from within the zoo. This happens every time she sees him!

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