Friday, September 4, 2009

Indiana State Fair

We had a beautiful evening for the fair, and we had a blast. Marilyn enjoyed the animal areas, but I think she was most enthralled with the tractors. Every time a tractor went by she got excited and made her "beep beep". The lights and attractions were fun to see, but the yummy smells were my favorite.

Thanks Brett for the pictures!


Brett said...

Thanks for letting us tag along with you to the state fair. It was an awful lot of fun. Seeing you poke a sheep was worth it alone. I'm glad Marilyn like's Elephant Ears.

Kate Godfrey said...

Beep Beep went the tractor and Baaaaa went the sheep. She is too adorable. We are so lucky to get to spend this time with her. She changes so much every day.