Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Day at the Lake

At the beginning of August, we went to the lakehouse to celebrate Mom & Hunter's birthdays (Aug 4). It was a nice day for relaxing with family and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Getting comfortable driving the boat...

Going fast! The perfect picture of Marilyn- this truly captures her adventurous personality and her fearless attitude.

Relaxing on the boat

Marilyn and her favorite Aunt Kate
Visit Kate & Brett's new website for cute videos of Marilyn from the boat.
(Thank Brett for the excellent pictures!)


Brett said...

You're welcome for the pictures. Marilyn's not quite two and she's already driving - that's a bit scary. Her enthusiasm is contagious, let's just hope she learns to channel it in a productive fashion.

Kate Godfrey said...

Luckily Marilyn takes after her Aunt Kate when it comes to how quickly she picked up driving a boat from Grandpa - not like her mother who almost hit a houseboat. She really enjoyed sticking her tongue out into the wind when we were cruising along and saying HI to all of the other people out on the lake.