Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we celebrate with my parents, Kate & Brett. This began years ago when we became too excited to wait until Christmas morning. Now it works out great, as it allows Hunter, Marilyn and I to be at home for Christmas morning.

Spoiled? Of course!

A cute Marilyn train nestled in the tree.

An adorable and very excited Marilyn!

Marilyn and her first fishing pole! Thanks Pappaw!

Daddy & Marilyn casting! It was such a huge hit we had to hide it so we could move on.

Marilyn was spoiled rotten... but so were the rest of us. My best presents were the two people sitting there with us... Kate & Brett home safely from Paris. Nothing wrapped under the tree compared to having my them home with us.

Brett spoiled us with a Christmas feast. Not having an oven in Paris made him even more willing to demonstrate his exceptional culinary skills. The meal was made even more special by using our Grandmother Marilyn's dishes.

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