Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Rock Star

Wow! That's is really all that can be said about Marilyn the Rock Star! She was so funny when she received this, she kept saying "Open It- PLEASE". So we made her wait a few days and then on Saturday, we opened it up. Complete with earrings, rings, bracelets, sunglasses, shiny dress, high heels, purple wig and microphone- Marilyn is a Rock Star!
Her main song is Jingle Bells. She sings, "Jingle All The Wayyyyyy" over and over. And when we have the TV music channel on she dances and shakes her groove thang. She loves watching for the other top performers to also have a microphone.
And yes, she did sleep with her microphone during her nap. At two she is adorable, I figure we are in for a fun adolescence.


Anonymous said...

How Cute!!!

jamie said...

OMGosh....really what else can I say!